When the Chief Whip resigns the whip then you know you are in trouble. This is the situation the Labour Group on Medway Council have found themselves in.

There is already a byelection taking place on September 3rd in the Luton & Wayfield ward after Medway Labour councillor Dennis  resigned three weeks ago following benefit fraud. Now we have the resignation of two other Labour councillors, Val and Tony Goulden – not from the council but from the Labour Group. This reduces the Medway Labour Group to 10 members out of 54. The Gouldens are now sitting as independents.

Conservatives have selected a former member of the Brigade of Gurkhas. (The local Labour MP Jonathan Shaw voted against Gurkha's pension and residency rights.)

It is understood the the Gouldens resigned after Labour "parachuted in" a candidate to fight the by election following Cllr McFarlane's resignation, bypassing more qualified and well supported local candidates.  Widespread concern has been expressed about her suitability and it is understood the the local press have screengrabs of her Facebook page in which she has allegedly made some highly offensive and threatening comments.

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