Labour run Oxford City Council is proposing that if residents want potholes fixed in their streets then they pay extra. The annual Band D Council Tax bill is £1,542.27. So residents may feel they are already paying enough. The AA says its "utterly outrageous" and that "Councils have a duty to maintain the public roadways."

The proposal did come from one resident after years of pleading with the Council about the potholes in his street and being told there was no money available. But Anne Hollis, 77, said: "We've heard all about this supposed lack of money before. It's a load of rubbish. I'll tell them to get stuffed if they come asking us for money."

I have encouraged residents in my borough to sponsor extra street trees but fixing potholes is a different category. It is a basic requirement of the Council – not some sort of bonus treat.

There are no Conservative councillors in Oxford at present. Motorists looking on opposition councillors to champion the justice of their cause rely on councillors from the Lib Dems, the Green Party and the Independent Working Class Association. Next year half the seats are up for election.

This the the Council that redesignated Christmas the "Winter Light Festival" in order to be more inclusive.