Labour are defending 493 seats in the elections on Thursday. There has been such feverish expectation management from cabinet ministers of how badly they will do that anything less than complete meltdown will be presented as a triumph. The Times in a report this morning predicts they will lose 200 seats, with the Conservatives gaining 200 and the Lib Dems "hard to predict" winning or losing around 50.

What is your prediction? (No prize for the winner, I'm afraid, but the opportunity to bask in the kudos of your peers.)

The turnout will also be interesting. Perhaps the anger at MPs expenses may motivate hitherto apathetic residents to turn out and vote? Or will it prompt them to punish all the parties by abstaining? Nottinghamshire County Council is running a campaign to encourage voting with the slogan Notts Bothered. Shouldn't people who want to abstain have their decision respected without having to put up with a lot of nannying advertising paid for out of their Council Tax?