There is a piece in the Sunday Telegraph this morning on he scale of the Labour defeat in Staffordshire. They lost 29 of their 32 councillors. They have gone from being in power to being in fourth place. UKIP and the Lib Dems have four councillors each.

UKIP also picked up a seat on Norfolk, a seat on Nottinghamshireand a seat on Suffolk. Their election will I suspect prove simply a quirk of having the Euro Elections on the same day. This happened in the London Assembly elections in 2004 when UKIP got a couple of seats – they didn't get any last year.

Not quite sure what the UKIP councillors will find to do. But I suspect they may be asking a question or two about European Officers being employed by county councils. Not that any decent cost conscious Conservative-run County Council will need any pestering from UKIP to cease employing European Officers.