The House of Commons Library have produced their guide to the local elections. Most of us are familiar with the glorious victories of June 4 so I think the most interesting section is the summary of where the leaves the state of the parties in Town Halls overall:

“The Conservatives have almost 10,100 councillors, 46% of the Great Britain total, and the party’s highest total since 1985. The number of Conservative councillors has risen consistently since 1997. The Conservatives control 222 councils, 50% of the total, including 96% of county councils and 63% of shire district councils. The Conservatives control two councils in Wales but none of the 32 unitary authorities in Scotland. In England 50% of councillors are Conservatives.

Labour has almost 4,700 councillors, 21% of the Great Britain total and their lowest number since the reorganisation of local government in 1973. The number of Labour councillors has fallen consistently since 1998. Labour controls 44 councils, 10% of the total number of councils in Great Britain. They control one-third (33%) of metropolitan boroughs and just over one-in-five (22%), London boroughs, but just 6% of Scottish councils and 5% of shire districts in England. There are currently no county council under Labour control.

The Liberal Democrats have just over 4,400 councillors, 20% of the Great Britain total. The number of Liberal Democrat councillors has fluctuated around its current level for 3 years and fallen back from its highest of 4,700 4 years ago. The party now has 21 few councillors compared to 2008 The Liberal Democrats control 27 councils, 6% of the Great Britain total. They do not control any of the unitary authorities in Scotland or Wales.”