Dale Iain Dale wants your help with his results show being broadcast over the internet.

This Friday and Sunday will see a new development in the way that election results programmes are made. On Friday the BBC isn't broadcasting a rolling election results programme, which has left a gap for someone else to. From 9am until 4pm I will be presenting an internet radio election results and analysis programme on Over the last week I have been asking bloggers and blog readers to become citizen journalists for the day and feed information, gossip and results into our election studio. We'll have a team of six people gathering information and feeding it through to me and my copresenter, Labour blogger, Hopi Sen, and we'll have expert statistical and political analysis from our studio pundits and also on the phone from some well known politicians and commentators.

We'll be doing the same for the European Elections on Sunday between 6pm and midnight. Indeed, at 9.35 we'll be doing a simulcast with Radio 4, as they are so interested in what we are doing. We're not aiming to compete with the BBC. We couldn't. But what we can do is provide information faster and in a more detailed way. There's no doubt the programme will have some rough edges. I, for example, won't have a script. There will be no one whispering in my ear telling me what to say and to cut off an interview just when it is getting interesting.

We'll be taking on air calls from listeners who want to put their two pennyworth in. If election night on 18 Doughty Street in May 2007 is anything to go by, the whole experience will be highly entertaining. But it will be dependent on people like you listening and taking part. So if you've got something interesting to say, do email us or phone in. Here are the details of the programme…

If you want to appear live on the programme call 01243 556161. Obviously we can only take one call at a time so you may have to wait a bit, but don't give up!



Dial up . We can take Skype calls, and also Skye chat messages.


You can use my twitter name @iaindale, and it will appear on my Tweetdeck app, or you can use the hashtag #electionstudio. The hashtag is probably best.


Go to . Click on LISTEN, then choose the Play Talk channel. If for some reason it doesn't work, paste this link into your

And somehow in among all this I need to keep my blog up to date. As Boris might say, cripes.

More information via this link.