DogpooL2704_468x625 I was canvassing last night and while the subject of MPs expenses was raised there was also a similar level of anger and disgust over dog fouling of the pavements. Actually residents in my ward spoke of the two subjects in a similar tone of voice. Whatever else is going on in the world residents want to know what I am going to do about dog fouling.

Does anyone know of a Council that has had any success in reducing dog fouling? Enforcement against owners is challenging but I think needs to be given greater priority given the level of concern among residents. I also think we should have more litter bins to make it easier for dog owners to do the right thing.

The BBC reports that Torbay are running a deliberately disgusting advertisement appearing to show a child eating dog poo with the slogan Children will put anything in their mouths. The thinking seems to be not so much that culprits will have their consciences pricked but that the rest of us will snitch on them – reporting regular offenders and where they live to the Council. Often people walk their dogs at regular times.

The elected Mayor of Torbay, Nick Bye, said: "Dog fouling is not acceptable in Torbay or anywhere else, and the council has taken a hard line on the subject with this campaign. We are calling on the community as a whole to take a stand, and to report those who persistently fail to pick up."

The council said dog faeces can contain a parasitic worm which causes an illness called Toxocariasis in humans, leading to visual impairment and even blindness and that children are thought to be at more risk of contracting the disease.

It will be interesting to see if they have any success. I am not really a supporter of shock advertising and would not wish to have such revolting posters put up all over the place in my borough.