• Irwell Riverside, Salford MBC ( Salford moving to Salford & Eccles) a Lab hold: Con vote was 12% -3, Lab 38% -7, LD 18% -22, BNP 17% from nowhere, Green 8% from nowhere, UKIP 8% from nowhere.
  • Barton, North Lincolnshire Council (Cleethorpes) a Con hold: Con vote was 64% +14, Lab 27% +11, LD 9% -7. Ind did not stand losing 18%.
  • Cottesmore, Rutland Council (Rutland & Melton) a Con hold: Con vote was 68% +3. LD 32% from nowhere. UKIP did not stand losing 35%.

Sky News has a report on Labour's victory in Hazel Blears' backyard:

"The major parties had braced themselves for a backlash after MPs' claims came to light. But Labour hung onto the place on Salford Council with a reduced majority. Communities Secretary Ms Blears apologised last week after it emerged she did not pay capital gains tax when she sold her London flat. The Salford MP paid back £13,000 but Prime Minister Gordon Brown described her actions as "unacceptable". At the count she said she was "delighted" with Labour candidate Matt Mold's 606 votes. She added: "The people of Salford have firmly and thoroughly rejected the politics of the BNP."