Inspired by the decision of the Mayor of London Boris Johnson to put up a portrait of The Queen at City Hall, Cllr Tim Archer, the Conservative opposition leader on Tower Hamlets, called for her protrait to be displayed at their Town hall. This has now been agreed.

John Williams, the Head of Democratic Services, has emailed Cllr Archer to say:

"Further to my previous e-mail I have now been able to discuss this matter with colleagues and Members and it is proposed that a portrait of the Queen should be displayed in the Town Hall, as is the practice at some other authorities.

"It is important that the portrait is displayed in an appropriate position.  The area behind the dais in the Council Chamber is not suitable because of the presentation screen and associated sliding doors.  In addition the Chamber is not in use for much of the time that the Town Hall is open.  It is therefore proposed to display the portrait in a prominent position on the first floor of Mulberry Place, in the foyer area between the Mayor's Parlour, Committee Room and the Chamber itself, where it will be seen by most visitors to the floor.

"I will liaise with the Facilities Team regarding the acquisition and installation of a suitable picture."