Picture 8 As reported by the local newspaper, The Argus:

A Liberal Democrat councillor defected to the Conservatives saying
his dedication to his town was not recognised by his old party. Robbie Robertson (pictured), who represents Newhaven Valley on Lewes District
Council, announced his decision to cross the floor after his party
raised council tax by 16% in Newhaven.

He said: “I am a dedicated and hard working councillor but sadly in my present position my skills are not utilised. Becoming a councillor was for me driven by the desire to involve
myself in the Newhaven and district community and be instrumental in
driving forward change and improvements.

“Unfortunately I can only be of use to the community if I am given
the opportunity and this has certainly not been the case in recent
times. The time has come I believe for me to associate myself with a
party which hopefully will recognise my dedication to the community of
Newhaven and district and give me the chance to work effectively on
their behalf.”

Jonathan Isaby