Pate2 Cllr Malcolm Pate, Conservative leader of Shropshire County Council which this year froze the Council Tax while improving services.

On Wednesday night Shropshire Conservatives launched our election manifesto at the Shirehall Shrewsbury. In it we promised low council tax and excellent services.

In the 2005 County Election, Conservatives across the County promised to bring council tax under control, and this has culminated this year in a zero council tax increase. We will this year, and every year save over £14 million pounds in unnecessary bureaucracy and by reorganised services.

Shropshire has seen Conservative controlled councils at County, Borough and District levels, and during that time have achieved tremendous results delivering projects that make a real difference to people’s lives.

Our manifesto is a vision for Shropshire and outlines our latest major achievements, and just some of the policies we would carry through to the new Shropshire Council.

Due to careful and efficient management we have also been able to put an extra £7.4 million pounds into new and improved services. Among the additions are.

  • Nearly a million pounds into improved concessionary fare for older people.
  • Free swimming for the under 18s and over 60s.
  • Over half million into improving street cleaning.
  • Over half a million into better services for looked after children.
  • Nearly £600 thousand on bringing Local Government closer to their communities.

Conservatives aim is to improve significantly the quality of life of Shropshire people by working together. We will give children and young people the best opportunities today and for the future. We will improve the health and well being of Shropshire residents, We will ensure safe, sustainable and strong communities for everyone to live and work in.

We wotk to obtain the very best value for money in all we do for Shropshire people.