The Conservatives in Lancashire are looking to take control of the County Council after 28 years of Labour control. Cllr Geoff Driver, the Conservative Group leader says:

"Clearly, the national opinion polls are well in our favour but we hope to persuade the people of Lancashire to vote for us because they want and can identify with the package we are offering not just because they are dissatisfied with Labour"

That package includes, amongst other things:

  • Reinstating over £1m of cuts made by Labour this year, including £250,000 in homes for the elderly, £150,000 in respite care for disabled children, £200,000 in bus subsidies and £100,000 in street light inspections.
  • Adding £9m to the highways repairs budget.
  • Making £1m available to the faith and voluntary sectors to adapt their premises for use by young people.
  • Adding £5m to the Children's fund to protect vulnerable children and improve the life chances of 'looked after children.'
  • Freezing the Council Tax in 2010/2011.

The Conservative's key pledges can be summarised as:

  • Giving better value for money.
  • Providing better more dignified care for our elderly citizens.
  • Improving the condition of the county's roads and footpaths.
  • Providing better care to safeguard vulnerable children and improving the life chances of 'looked after children.'
  • Providing better facilities for our young people.
  • Tackling crime, anti social behaviour and underage drinking.
  • Providing financial assistance to small and medium sized businesses to help them through the credit crunch.