Conservative councillors, Simon Wilson, Graham Jesty, Alyson Ripley and John Sharp, have made a formal complaint after they were offered a cannabis joint by a Labour councillor – Ron Halliday – at an official event.  The complaint states:

"We hold that whether or not the "joints" offered to coun Ripley Sharp and Jesty really did contain cannabis largely immaterial. They had reasonable cause to believe that the offer was a genuine one, as did everyone present."

Cllr Ripley commented to Coun Halliday that she had never taken drugs, not even as a university student, and was not about to start now.

Ed Balls MP was sat at the next table to where this incident occurred.  He was with Mary Creagh, MP for Wakefield.

Tim Montgomerie

Clipping from Wakefield Express below:

Halliday - Wakefield Express 3 Apr 09

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