Private Eye's Rotten Borough column has items on Mayor of London Boris Johnson reneging on his opposition to new tower block eyesores. He has been too soft on this, They have another item criticising the councils of Hounslow, Bromley, Bournemouth, Torbay and Bristol for allowing development on park land or other "green space." (Need more detail to judge. Using park land sounds pretty dubious but some bits of "green space" are what might appear to some of us as "waste land" or even "rubbish dumps." Is developer money being used to provide replacement green space that really is green? Etc)

But what really caught my eye among material of municipal interest was an item in the HP Sauce column on the implications for councils of Ministers in the second homes allowances scandal. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith says she rented her room in her sister's flat in south London. (Not sure which borough but she bravely bought a kebab in Peckham one night.) Did her sister notify the Council she was subletting? is the property in compliance with local authority regulations for subletting.

Tony McNulty's parents should face the same questions from Harrow Council. Have they been asked?

Did Geoff Hoon follow these rules while subletting his London flat?

Private Eye think the Inland Revenue and (if there's a mortgage) the relevant bank/building society will also be interested in the subletting arrangements. 

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