An investigation into fraud by Labour-run Barking and Dagenham Council has resulted in 25 members of staff having resigned or been dismissed. One worker submitted false papers to claim early retirement which would have cost the Council £200,000. Another worker was caught working elsewhere while claiming sick pay.

Fraud is part of a wider problem in local government of a lack of rigour from the management caused by craveness to the trade unions. Barking and Dagenham Council fund, courtesy of the Council Taxpayer, four members of staff on secondment working full time for trade unions. Many councils fund even more trade union posts plus providing trade unions with rent free offices.

The trade unions use their resources to resist any of their members being sacked. Hearings will be strung out for months. Human Resources staff run ragged with procedural delays. Managers find is much less onerous to turn a blind eye. So bad staff are kept on and the Council Taxpayer is the victim.

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