Conwy Council is putting up the Council Tax by 5% – the maximum possible without capping. Although the Conservatives are the largest single group on the Council, they are in opposition to a Lib Dem/Labour/Plaid coalition.

David Jones, the Conservative MP for Clwyd West, says:

“I am very disappointed indeed that the council has seen fit to impose such a large, above-inflation, increase in taxes on the people of Conwy.

“Many residents of Conwy are retired and are living on investment and
savings income. Over the last few months, they have seen the return on their savings drop alarmingly. Many of them, now seeing this increase imposed by the council, will wonder how they will be able to pay their way.

“At such a difficult economic time, one would have hoped that the
council would make every effort to minimise the hardship suffered by its residents.

“I am pleased that the Conservative group voted against the proposal.
They were doing the right thing on behalf of the council taxpayers of this county and I am sorry that Labour and Plaid Cymru failed to follow their lead.”