There has been a complaint over Cllr Paul Baccara, an Independent councillor on Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, over an email he sent to Karen Roberts, a member of staff working for the Lib Dems at the Welsh National Assembly. He urged her to resign on the grounds that her employment constituted "a waste of taxpayers money" – a perfectly legitimate point of view. But he then added: "Now go and get a life, which must be difficult as an aged divorcee, but there must be something out there for you." He also copied in all his fellow councillors.

Some fellow councillors have complained at being copied in on this spat. There is a hazard with emails in the heat of the moment copying in everyone. This is such an easy indulgence only taking a second. Would Cllr Baccara have taken the trouble to photocopy and post copies of his letter Mrs Roberts to all his colleagues? Also what limit should there be on the level of personal abuse that councillors should be allowed to indulge in the course of their civic duties?