The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has appealed for more Special Constables. He found the money to train another 10,000 of them.

He says:

"What did you want to be when you were a child? Was it something, by any chance, that involved wearing an impressive uniform? Did you marvel at the shiny buttons on Fireman Sam's uniform, or wonder what it would be like to possess the natural authority that came with wearing Postman Pat's hat? I for one trembled at the sight of a policeman, convinced I was doing wrong by my mere presence. When the terror in a tall hat passed, I would secretly yearn for the power that man possessed.

"Most people I know had childhood aspirations of becoming such authority figures with shiny buttons. Yet as we grow up, and we discover that a profession is worth doing for more than the sartorial standards it keeps, we choose different paths. However, there are some who keep the dream alive – ultimately for reasons of high public spirit. If they don't go on to become fully fledged coppers, then they volunteer and become Special Constables – of which there are currently over two and a half thousand in London."

"They have the
same powers and responsibilities as police officers. They can still say
' 'ello 'ello, what's going on here then?' The only difference is that
they are unpaid volunteers, working

eight hours a fortnight. So I'm calling on Londoners to reconnect with
their childhood ambitions, to release that pent up desire to do good
and step forward."

Those interested can sign up here. If you live in Southampton you can get a 100% rebate
on your Council Tax courtesy of the Conservative-run Council.
Unfortunately Boris can't offer that to Londoners under the existing
rules as the GLA is a pre-empting authority rather than a billing
authority. But I don't think that would stop the London Boroughs waving
their share.