Cllr Daniel Moylan, the Deputy Leader of Kensington & Chelsea Council responds to Matthew Elliot’s response.

It’s a huge pity that the TaxPayers’ Alliance seeks to obfuscate its failure to engage with the issues I raised by throwing in so much personal abuse of the author. But it is par for the course. The Alliance can hardly see an elected politician without foaming at the mouth. The tone of what I wrote about them was of course just an ironic imitation of the tone of their own website.

Let us just recall some of the key issues I raised that they have not addressed:

  • The TaxPayers’ Alliance is profoundly distrustful, and abusive, of elected politicians: representative democracy is the only way we know to run this country and it depends on ensuring that governmental decisions are taken as far as possible only by those elected, and therefore accountable to the people at the polls; the TaxPayers’ Alliance has not a single good word to say for this system – its policies for “devolving” power to “ordinary people” are inherently lacking in accountability and likely to result only in a greater say for those able to shout loudest.
  • The TaxPayers’ Alliance favours a “managerial” state, but has no credible story on how these (low-paid) managers are to be held to account;
  • The TaxPayers’ Alliance continues to avoid any commitment on the legitimate role and scope of the state; they claim to welcome debate but avoid it on this key issue – until they come clean we will not know how truly anarchist they are.

I would welcome, but don’t expect, a serious attempt to respond to these questions. At least I have learnt where Knowsley is.

I found it very odd to be accused of not being a Conservative – of
needing some sort of re-education in what I have been all my adult
life. In fact I am very proud of what we have achieved in Kensington
and Chelsea, where we do Conservatism very well: a winning combination
of civic pride, high quality, efficiently delivered public services,
good communications with our residents and a low Council Tax. I am not
surprised, against that background, to find the TaxPayers’ Alliance
demonstrating on our streets, but maybe traditional Toryism still has
something to be said for it!

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