….ask rather what you can do for your Council. Or to switch from JFK to David Cameron and acknowledge that there is such a thing as society, its just not the same thing as the state, perhaps that should be "ask rather what you can do for society." I guess snow will become the dominant municipal story for the second week running and there will be more complaints as to why councils haven’t done more over gritting the roads and otherwise combating the problem. Often these complaints are valid.

But I sense a growing feeling that there should also be personal responsibility to help in such exceptional circumstances. Iain Dale says: "Surely it isn’t too much to ask to get people to clear their own part of the pavement each time the snow falls." He says in Switzerland and Germany it is a legal requirement. I think for us that would be going to far but on this and other matters far more should be done by Councils to foster rather than shun voluntary effort.

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