The Leader of the Tameside Council Conservatives has moved quickly to condemn a scheme put forward by Tameside Council, which could allow employees to have time off for cosmetic surgery.

The scheme, entitled ‘Absence from Work for Life Choice Procedures’, aims to "help the Council demonstrate that it is continuing to maintain a ‘people-centric’ approach." It was produced after "managers requested guidance on how to manage, yet support employees at what can be a difficult time."

While the scheme refers to practical medical procedures, such as laser eye surgery, it also contains guidelines to support employees when having time off for cosmetic surgery, such a "breast augmentation or
reduction, nose reduction, liposuction and cosmetic facial treatments."

Councillor John Bell, the Tameside Conservative Leader, says:

"While I appreciate that some council employees would need to take time off for procedures such as laser eye treatment I am completely opposed to the idea of ‘boob jobs’ on the rates.  Such practices are unheard of in the private sector, and there should already be rules in place to deal with such matters.

"I find it appalling that public time and money has been wasted on this matter at a time when the banks are teetering on the edge of collapse, businesses are going into liquidation and taxpayers are struggling financially with the effects of a recession."

"Once again, it a typical example of a politically correct Labour non-policy that hard-working taxpayers will be expected to fund."