There is a Council byelection on Thursday in the Seven Sisters Ward of Haringey caused by the death of the sitting Labour councillor Fred Knight. All the main parties appear to fighting hard. The Labour candidates got nearly twice as many votes as the Conservatives in this ward in 2006 so for them to lose woulod be something of an upset – despite the Council’s appalling record. Although the Lib Dems came well behind he Conservatives last time they are also campaigning hard including an effort to court the Jewish vote (16% of the ward is made up of Hasidic Jews.) Yet at the same time a Lib Dem councillor on Haringey has put down a long Council motion attacking Israel including the demand to "halt Britain’s arms exports to them."

The motion goes beyond the notion of moral equivelence between Israel and Hamas. Its tone is far more hostile towards Israel welcome the "mass protests" against Israel and so on.

Details of our candidate in the byelection are here. Tottenham Conservatives Chairman Justin Hinchliffe, a regular on this site, needs help for the final push. Ring him on 07958-367661 or email him on