Memento mori, as the Mayor of London Boris Johnson will know, means:"Remember you are mortal." Perhaps he needs to get a sidecar to his bike and hire a slave to mutter this to him. First of all comes the disclosure that Boris didn’t pay his hotel bill at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. He didn’t do a runner – he left the Council Taxpayer to pick up the bill.

In terms of propriety he could have justified this had he also gone to the Labour and Lib Dem conferences and done the same there leaving the Council Taxpayer to pick up the hotel bills for all three. But, of course, he didn’t and a more satisfactory solution would have been for him to have paid his own hotel bill in Birmingham and to have left his courtiers behind. Just to respond that he is following the rules isn’t good enough.

Secondly, comes news today that he is saving the Kenbassies, five out of the six International Offices set up around the globe by Ken Livingstone. (The one in Venezuela will close.) The argument has been produced that in a recession "helping" business is all the more important – but so is reducing the Mayor’s Council Tax precept which thus far is merely being frozen. After years massive growth during Livingstonian excess the people of London might hope for a cut in money they are forced to hand over, even if it means foreging these "International Offices."