The Leicester Mercury reports that Cllr Sean Sheahan took payments of nearly £20,000 from Leicestershire County Council and did not query it as a mistake. The special responsibility payments of £19,620 were paid from 2005 until May this year – but he didn’t have any special responsibilities.

Once he was found out he paid back the money and the Council’s standards subcommittee found he had breached the code of conduct. They said he would be suspended for two months unless he sent a letter of apology. He has agreed to send the letter – but only to avoid the suspension. "I do not feel as if I have done anything wrong," he says. He thought the cash was "to reward his loyalty to the Labour Group." He admits he noticed the overpayments but said a fellow councillor told him "not to worry about it."

Am I alone in thinking that Cllr Sheahan has the wrong attitude towards public service?

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