Boxing Day’s Telegraph carried the following story: Labour planning secret tax on ‘nice houses’.

It appears that Labour has divided Britain up into 10,000 localities with particularly ‘nice’ localities likely to receive higher council tax bills if Labour wins the next election.  Shadow Secretary of State Eric Pickles told The Telegraph:

"The cat is out of the bag that Gordon Brown’s tax inspectors are
preparing for a council tax revaluation after the general election.
Labour Ministers have developed a 21st century Domesday Book – carving
up England’s towns and villages into anonymous ‘localities’ for
taxation. Family homes in middle England which enjoy lower rates
of crime, less traffic or a friendly community now face the prospect of
another tax bombshell. Given the chance, there is nothing that Gordon
Brown will not tax."

Susie Squire of The TaxPayers’ Alliance added her own voice to the protests:

"Council tax has already increased by 50% over the last ten years, and
any further tax hikes would be a disgrace, particularly as ordinary
people continue to struggle in the credit crunch. Many pensioners and
others who have owned their property over a long period may find
themselves suddenly footing an unexpectedly large bill, through no
fault or action of their own. It’s time council tax came down, for

Tim Montgomerie

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