Cllr Daniel Moylan, the Deputy Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea on how Councils are giving £3 million to a body called LACORS which pushes for enforced Metrication and further regulation.

The Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services
(nice touch, that: "regulatory services") is nominally responsible to a board of elected Councillors (with a Conservative Chairman) drawn from the whole of the United Kingdom. It spends about £3 million a year (much of it taken from English and Welsh authorities’ Revenue Support Grant that would otherwise go into Town Hall coffers) and seems fully bought into an agenda of increasing regulation driven by professionals who make their living from telling us what to do. Its newest slogan is that "the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and local authorities need to continue to work together to deliver a new strategy for a safer and healthier Britain". Is that what most people – and most Conservatives – really believe and want?

LACORS has been at the forefront of the plan to abolish our traditional weights and measures. Even the occasionally useful work it does (for example its recent investigation of hospital weighing-scales, which found that a third of them did not give the right weight) is marred by insinuating another call to abolish dual Imperial/metric displays.

LACORS includes in its Mission Statement a commitment to "lobbying for positive changes in legislation, policy and funding that serves the best interest of local government". But are the "best interests of local government" the same as the best interests of a population increasingly harassed by professional regulators? Perhaps we could invite LACORS to undertake a full review of what "regulatory services" could be abolished, so preparing the way for a Conservative government that we can hope will be keen to make a Churchillian bonfire of regulations?

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