Today’s Waste Watch includes an item on Ipswich Council spending £15,000 on a wind turbine placed where it doesn’t work because there isn’t enough wind.

Chris Goodings, managing director of Solar Energy Alliance which installed the turbine, warned the Council it was going in the wrong place and even got the council contractors to sign a disclaimer agreeing his firm would not be held liable for its failure. He says: 

“We did not want to install the turbine in the first place because we knew it was going to be in a totally unsuitable place. But they were adamant because it looked so attractive on the plans. I think it is an example of ‘green wash’ or ‘green bling’, where organisations like to be seen to be behaving in a green way.”

Ipswich is a Conservative-led Council although the Environment portfolio is held by a Lib Dem so maybe we can blame them. Oddly, the Labour "opposition" Group leader sits on the Executive.

Anyway the comments from Goodings have the ring of truth, don’t they?

Other items from Waste Watch are North Somerset overpaying their waste and recycling contractors Biffa, and a £20,000 litter clampdown in Birmingham resulting in only three fines. Interesting how while the Waste Watch column covers the public sector generally most of items concern local councils. Although Local Government accounts for a minority of total public spending. Is that because Councils are more wasteful than the rest of the public sector? Or that their wasteful spending is easier for the Sunday Telegraph to spot?