Camden Conservatives have put this motion to their council:

"This Council believes that attempts to airbrush out Christmas, one of the main festivals of Christianity, which is still the biggest religion of England, because of the notion that in some way it is offensive to other faiths, is insulting to Christians and British religious minorities who are libelled by insinuation.

The Council feels that this idea seems to be motivated by the wish to divide the people of this country, by emphasising, inventing and fabricating artificial disagreements, which cause needless resentment among religious groups.

This Council notes that, whilst Christianity is not the only religion to have a major winter celebration, Christmas is none-the-less one of the most valued holidays in the Christian calendar. This Council feels that as a nation we are losing sight of the real reason for celebrating the festive period and that, as divorce rates soar and the traditional family breaks down, any attempt to down play a festival which at its heart celebrates the family as an institution can only further damage a society of which many parts are broken.

This Council also believes that the renaming of Christmas as a “Winter Festival” or any other non-religious nomenclature is part of the systematic erosion of Christianity in modern life, which itself is the cause of the loss of our sense of national identity and cohesion.

This Council acknowledges that the ethical foundation of our legal and political system is rooted in Christianity and should not be ashamed to acknowledge that we are a Christian nation, after all, how is one supposed to respect any other culture, when one doesn’t treasure their own.

Therefore this Council resolves to put "Merry Christmas" on all its greetings cards, official letters and websites issued in the month of December."

Hat-tip: Cranmer

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