Strange to think that a year ago we were all rather worried about drift in Boris Johnson’s campaign for Mayor of London. Would voters be worried that he was too lazy to be their Mayor? He certainly seems busy enough at the moment. Today sees the launch of his cultural plans "including better provision in the outer boroughs, measures to improve music and art education and a drive to reduce red tape and to support creative and grassroots talent."

High culture and excellence are to be encouraged rather then denigrated as they were under the previous City Hall regime. Shakespeare, ballet and opera didn’t get much of a look in under the previous Mayor’s Socialist Action Cultural Commissars. But they are included in Boris’s big tent. Boris’s excellent cultural adviser Munira Mirza (pictured) tells the Guardian this morning she wanted to learn from Venezuela’s El Sistema, which nurtures more than 100 youth and children’s orchestras. It was "the one thing Ken missed" in his links to Venezuela.

Next year will see a series of events, The Story of London, celebrating London’s history and people. Its role as the capital of the UK. A stress on what unites us rather than on multiculturalist divisions.