Aylesbury Town Councillor Denise Summers, who was Mayor until 2005, has joined the Conservative Party. In a statement she released, she explained this decision:

“This was a decision which I thought long and hard about, and I don’t make it lightly. 

"When David Cameron became leader of the Conservatives he described himself as a Liberal Conservative and that’s very much how I see myself. But I needed to be convinced that he could change his party, and now I am. This was highlighted at the recent Conservative Party Conference which persuaded me that he is a leader who has changed his party, and will change this country.

"I see these changes at a local level as well, and am deeply impressed by the work which the newly elected Conservatives Cllrs and Conservative campaigners across the town are carrying out. They are putting into action locally, what David Cameron talks about nationally. Initiatives such as litter picks, street surgeries to chat to people, fundraising to provide bikes for our PCSOs, holding Forums to allow people to talk about what matters to them, and actively and vociferously standing up for residents.

"I joined the Liberal Democrats because I wanted to be involved in the community, I wanted to help out my community. Now, the people who are doing that in Aylesbury – in positive and progressive ways – are the Conservatives. And nationally, the people who are holding the Labour Government to account and offering real plans for change are the Conservatives.

"That is why at the next County Council election, I will be fully supporting the Conservative candidate, Brian Roberts, for the Elm Farm and Mandeville ward. He has shown at District Council level the skills, compassion , drive and enthusiasm  needed to stand for County Council, and should he be fortunate enough to be elected to serve Elm Farm and Mandeville, I have no doubt that he will prove to be an excellent County Councillor and be able to get things done, as he is already doing on the District and Town Council at the moment.

"I was extremely honoured when I was re-elected to represent the residents of Elm Farm and Mandeville in 2005 at County level, and in 2007 for the Town Council. I still am. I promise that I will continue to work hard for the good of this community for the remainder of my term of office in summer 2009, and I know that with the support of Phil, Sue and Brian, and the rest of the local Conservative team, we can work together to make sure that Elm Farm and Mandeville goes from strength to strength.”