Harry Phibbs, the new editor of Conservative Home’s Local Government Blog, needs your help.

As we work to be returned to Government nationally working out all our plans it is easy to forget that we already have considerable power through the control of 215 local Councils. What are we doing with that power? How are we learning from each other? What are our prospects for extending our representation in traditionally unfriendly territory?

As I am interested in exploring these questions I am delighted that Tim Montgomerie has appointed me as Editor of Conservative Home’s Local Government Blog.

I hope that this site will offer practical advice for councillors and Council candidates. News of campaigning initiatives, byelection, defections and policy experiments.
Wasting money and ways to avoid doing so will be a regular theme. Lessons from the strategies adopted by Conservative Groups whether in opposition, coalition, minority control  or overall control can be examined. Conservative success stories will be celebrated and Labour misdeeds exposed. Even in Labour Councils where there is little or no Conservative representation we will seek to find out what they are up to. It is hoped that prominent figures in the Party will contribute as well as ordinary councillors and Council candidates from around the country. But this website is independent and will not seek to prohibit criticism of Conservative councils when it is reasonable.

My own background is in journalism and, for the last two years, as a councillor in Hammersmith and Fulham. Most of my existing contacts among fellow councillors are in London. But for this site to flourish I will need your help to achieve the widest participation. Please get in touch with your news and ideas. 

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