The law has existed for 130 years but The Telegraph reports that a household’s right to have its rubbish collected by their local authority is to be scrapped by Labour.

Conservative HQ believe that the change could mean no bin collection if…

"(a) the bin was put out the night before rather than on the morning;
(b) the bin was not on kerbside but was placed inside the garden by a back door;
(c) having a full bin; or
(d) if the recycling boxes had the wrong sort of material in a confusing mix of different boxes."

Eric Pickles MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, issued this statement:

“Ministers in Whitehall have masterminded the cuts to weekly rubbish collections, over-zealous bin fines and shrinking the size of household bins. Gordon Brown’s bin bullies now want to take the country back to the 19th Century by abolishing councils’ duties to collect rubbish, and give bin men any excuse they want not to collect your bin.

 “It is disgraceful that these new laws are being rushed through Parliament with no debate and no vote. Labour are becoming increasingly obsessed with silencing the voice of the people. Given rubbish collection is one of the most unionised part of local government, I fear that this will give new powers to militant shop stewards to refuse to collect bins for spurious, time-saving reasons.”

“People genuinely want to improve recycling and go green, but Labour’s policy of bin cuts and bin taxes will fuel fly-tipping, backyard burning and harm public health. These changes will fuel the public backlash at the Government’s rubbish policies. Under Gordon Brown, local residents are paying exorbitant levels of council tax, but are failing to get decent public services in return.”

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