Danny Titcombe, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Sedgemoor District Council has joind the Conservative Party.  Cllr Titcombe has been unhappy with his old party for some time, both locally and nationally:

"I am very happy to have joined the Conservative group
on the District Council and look forward to being able to do for
Highbridge what I was elected to do. I can also send out an assurance
to the residents of the ward of Highbridge that although my political
allegiance may have changed, my commitment to the people of Highbridge
has not. I will continue on in the same manner in which I have done for
the last year and strive to build on successes already achieved."

Veteran Tory councillor and past mayor for four terms, Neville Jones said:

"I knew that Danny had been concerned about the Lib Dem stance on so many local issues.  They have always tried to take a negative stance instead of  welcoming moves to meet present day challenges, like the swimming pool, and their lateness in grasping the problem with the Walrow Railway Bridge. The Town Council welcomed Danny Titcombe’s attitude and indeed only last year the Group nominated him to be the vice-chairman of the council’s most influential Policy committee. I think he will be able to do his job much better for the people of Highbridge within the Conservative Group.  He will find a great welcome."

This increases the number of Conservatives on the district council to 36 out of 50 and leaves the Liberal Democrats with just three. He also joins the Conservative Group on Burnham and Highbridge Town Council, taking the Conservatives up to thirteen members, with the Liberal Democrats on four and Labour on one.