That’s a conclusion from an article by Christina Dykes for the Local Government Chronicle (PDF of full piece):

"The expression ‘post-code lottery’ should be banned from the Conservative lexicon.  Conservatism is all about pragmatism, not centralised control.  If localism is to be realised then a variation in service deliveries and priorities should be expected."

Christina also wants Conservatives to stop using the term "equality":

"The term ‘equality’ also means something different to Conservatives and to old and new Labour.  To the latter it means equality of outcome; to the former it means equality of opportunity.  Nonetheless I know many Conservative administrations where boxes are blindly ticked when it comes to doling out public money to single issue groups on the basis of equality rather than need."

So much public sector speak is now designed to confuse and intimidate.  Christina Dykes is right.  Tories need to break through the jargon and say what we mean to voters.