Cllr Andy Sloan writes for today’s Yorkshire Post, explaining why he has left the Liberal Democrats for the Tories:

"Once, I believed that the Liberal Democrat Party possessed a set of
values and beliefs that were a genuine and real alternative to the
Labour Party. I now realise that view was wrong.

Sadly, the
Liberal Democrat Party possesses no common belief, idea or value system
to bring them together. There is no sense of principle. There is no
common philosophy that drives it. It stands for nothing but the
re-election of its own representatives.

Believing and standing
for nothing more than re-election of its own representatives manifests
itself in a most unattractive manner. It results in lies and deception,
a need and willingness to say anything and misrepresent everything.

it breaks promises – the decision not to allow a vote on the European
Union Treaty was inexcusable. Where I am a councillor in Hull, the same
is true. The party could not implement recommendations of its own
Independent Flood Review Panel, and continues to hide the truth of its
spending plans from the public.

I stood as a Parliamentary
candidate in 2005, and the Liberal Democrats national platform was "the
real alternative". Looking back, it was a hollow platform then, but it
means nothing now 100 days into Nick Clegg’s leadership. The
Parliamentary party provided no alternative on Europe and it
consistently fails to provide an alternative to Labour on all major

Read the full article here.

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