Conservatives in Shropshire council Telford &
Wrekin have tipped the balance of power following two by-elections.  The BBC reports that:

"Terry Kiernan held Wrockwardine for the Tories with 918 votes, 612 more than Liberal Democrat Patricia Fairclough. Clive Mollett took the Horsehay & Lightmoor ward with 358 votes – 186 ahead of Labour’s Steve Harrington.
The ballots follow the resignations of Adam Pringle from Horsehay and Lightmoor and David Blackwell from Wrockwardine."

Conservative leader
Andrew Eade said:

"What we are doing here with regeneration, and many of the other
measures we are taking, is there for the community itself. Come and join us, the water’s lovely. We have a
marvellous opportunity to affect the borough and make a great
difference for our local communities."

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