A new dawn has broken, has it not? After five long years of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party appears to have elected what we might call a ‘normal’ leader.

The margin is quite decisive too. Labour HQ have provided a comprehensive breakdown for those who really want to get into the guts of the Opposition’s arcane procedures, but the salient fact is surely that Sir Keir Starmer has been elected on the first round – just as was Corbyn in 2015.

Long-Bailey 135,218 (27.6%)
Nandy 79,597 (16.2%)
Starmer 275,780 (56.2%)


The deputy leadership election was not quite so decisive, and ran to three rounds. The results of the final round were:

Allin-Khan 113,858 (26.1%)
Burgon 92,643 (21.3%)
Rayner 228,944 (52.6%)


And so ends another strange, eventful chapter in Labour history.