“Michael Chessum, who leads the Another Europe Is Possible campaign for a public vote, tweeted: “Oh great. I hear Tony Blair has been put up on the Today programme again as the voice of People’s Vote. Why don’t we all just give up and go home?””

That’s perhaps the most glorious quote from Buzzfeed’s piece on the splits and rifts within the People’s Vote campaign.  The former Prime Minister was at it again yesterday, making his pitch from the Leave voter-friendly location of Davos.  (For it is those voters who must be persuaded to change their minds.)

But why is Blair so keen to pop up so often?  Devotion to the cause of remaining in the EU is doubtless part of the explanation.  But ConservativeHome is told that there is more.

A first-time voter in 2022 will have been born in 2004, a year after the start of the Iraq conflict.  He or she will have no memory of it: weapons of mass destruction, dodgy dossiers, Robin Cook, yellow cake uranium, Chilcot – and all the rest of it.

A source who has worked with the former Prime Minister claimed that Blair has seen polling which suggests that Brexit offers him the elusive prospect of redemption.  Since these voters-to-be know nothing much about Iraq, they clock him, if at all, simply as an ageing politician differing from others only in skin tone.

In short, then, Brexit offers Blair, at long last, a chance to change the subject – at least among younger voters who don’t really know him.  Never underestimate a former Prime Minister’s belief that, one day, he can return to the front-line of politics.