Meet Dorian Bartley. He’s a big fan of Jeremy Corbyn, and an active member of the Labour Party.

Indeed, he’s an elected officer, with responsibility for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation in the Gipsy Hill branch in Lambeth:

(Yes, that’s the same branch that elected “Red” Ted Knight as its Chairman.)

It’s fair to say Bartley is not a fan of some of his colleagues. Here he is accusing various members of the Labour council’s leadership of “betraying the people of Lambeth”:

But his dislike of his own Party’s councillors is by-the-by, compared to some of his other views.

As a BAME officer, Bartley officially has responsibility for representing members of all ethnic minorities.

Except he thinks it’s appropriate to share an image equating Benjamin Netanyahu to Hitler, and comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

Even the notoriously weak Chakrabarti report condemned such comparisons, saying:

‘…it is always incendiary to compare the actions of Jewish people or institutions anywhere in the world to those of Hitler or the Nazis or to the perpetration of the Holocaust.’

Bartley also appears to think the anti-semitic mural that Jeremy Corbyn defended was just fine:

That’s the mural which even Corbyn himself now claims to “regret” not looking at closely enough.

It appears that Bartley is yet another member of those “pockets” that the Absolute Boy belatedly admitted exist within the Labour Party.

One can only imagine how a Jewish member of the Labour would feel at the prospect of being officially represented by someone who thinks it’s appropriate to compare the world’s only Jewish state to those who carried out the Holocaust.

Those aren’t his only, er, unusual views. He has quite the taste for 9/11 conspiracy theories, for example:

That applies to conspiracy theories about terrorist attacks in the UK, too.

Here is a graphic he chose to share two days after the London Bridge attack last year:

And here’s an image he shared three days after the Manchester bombing, suggesting that terrorists are simply “resisting” the actions of the West:

All of which is rather unpleasant in an elected official of a supposedly mainstream political party.

Oh, and did I mention his day job? He works for Croydon Council as a Neighbourhood Safety Officer, working alongside the police to – as he describes it – “deter and reduce crime”.


Lambeth Labour have replied to ConservativeHome’s story: