When she was elected in 2015, Holly Lynch was seen as firmly on the left of the Labour Party – the famous Corbynite list of who could and could not be trusted within the Parliamentary Labour Party identified her as a member of “Core Group Plus”, just outside the close inner circle.

After he won the leadership, Corbyn appointed her a Whip, and even after resigning in protest against him in 2016, this year she was reappointed to the front bench as a DEFRA minister for the not inconsiderable remits of Flooding and Coastal Communities.

However, here is her real view of the man she now claims should be Prime Minister (from a statement posted on her website, but mysteriously deleted now that she has taken a shadow ministerial job):

“We are now facing unsustainable divisions within our party and I am afraid that Jeremy simply does not have the answers we need to move us beyond the place we are now… Jeremy is ineffective at making the decisions and providing leadership that we so desperately need, both in Parliament and across the country.”