When someone sent me the email from Wimbledon Labour Party a couple of weeks ago, I was a bit sceptical:

‘Hypnosis workshop…Come ready to enjoy yourselves and discover:

  • some of the properties of hypnosis
  • something about yourselves and your natural hypnotic talent
  • strategies for managing or reducing stress
  • perhaps a new perspective on raising your self image/self esteem’

The jokes seemed too obvious, and the date – 1st April – fuelled my scepticism enough that I didn’t do anything with it.

However, a glance at the Wimbledon Labour Party reveals that, gloriously it was true: the Labour Party really has been training its activists in hypnotism:

Wimbledon Hynotism

I imagine the skills they picked up could come in quite handy on the #LabourDoorstep:

“Look deep into our policies…you are feeling sleepy…very sleepy…Follow the watch as it swings…left…left…no, it only swings left…When you awake, you will remember nothing of our fiscal record.”

For their next trick, the Labour Party will astound and amaze by sawing its polling numbers in half.