Jayne Fisher, Jeremy Corbyn’s latest hire, has a dubious taste in political heroes. She has spent some years running Sinn Fein’s office in London – here she is reading out a demand by Gerry Adams that Ireland expel the Israeli ambassador, for example.

Her own views on Israel and other issues aren’t entirely clear – not least because she has mysteriously deleted almost all of her old tweets, though some replies from others remain and contain some intriguing hints as to her favourite topics.

Fortunately, thanks to Diane Abbott we know quite how keen she is on Hugo Chavez, who led Venezuela to ruin and misery.

Last year – well after Venezuela’s disastrous state had become clear – Abbott helpfully tweeted a “lovely picture” of Fisher literally cuddling up to Chavez:


Elsewhere, an external site has archived Fisher’s feelings about Chavez from when he died. Corbyn’s new staffer thought Venezuela’s leader was “an exemplary human being”: