A Labour Councillor from North Tyneside (where, incidentally, my mum is standing for election today – though in a different ward) has provided a helpful insight into the Labour Party’s attitude to working class voters.

Here’s a recent Facebook post from Cllr Maureen Madden:

FullSizeRender (2)

As we’ve learned in recent days, some Labour councillors have said much worse online – but it is still a revealing confession of how some on the left truly view the electorate.

In this patronising world view, anyone working class who votes Tory must be a dolt, blindly following orders from their newspaper and being conned as a result. How shocking people like Cllr Madden must find the fact that, in reality, voters of all backgrounds are able to make their own minds up – and that millions of working class voters prefer the Conservative approach of low taxes and good management to Labour’s wasteful high spending and incompetence.

Far from being the voice of working people, too often Labour either takes them for granted or displays outright contempt. According to Cllr Madden, if you don’t agree with her then you must be a “nob”.