This is the first post in a series summarising the key points of interest in the views of the Leader of the Opposition.

First up: defence. On this, commonly viewed as the first and most fundamental duty of a Government, Jeremy Corbyn thinks:

  • Britain should “abolish the army” in the name of world peace. As The Sun reports today, in 2012 Corbyn described the idea as “wonderful”.
  • We should abandon the nuclear deterrent. Ever since his days as a CND activist, the Labour leader has argued for this crucial element of our national defence to be scrapped.
  • Don’t worry, though, the engineers who work on the programme would be given “socially productive” jobs. Apparently the defence of the nation doesn’t count.
  • Britain should withdraw from NATO. Having got rid of the Army and the nuclear deterrent, he also thinks we should ditch our allies – despite NATO’s huge success as a defensive alliance and the eruption of a land war in Europe/
  • Those who don’t like defence should be able to opt out of funding it. Strangely, Corbyn has yet to suggest that those who disagree with the welfare state should be allowed to opt out of that part of their taxes.

Readers can hear some more of his troubling views on security and defence issues in the new Conservative Party video, which you can find here.