So far, this week shows few signs of being any better for Labour than last week. They’ve had two pieces of bad news already today.

Lord Sugar abandons hope that Labour will change their anti-business attitude

Here’s the full statement from the Apprentice boss:

Lord Sugar quits

It is damning stuff. Not only was Sugar repelled by the anti-business approach of Miliband’s leadership, but he evidently sees little to no chance of a new leader correcting the mistake. It seems he thinks this swing to attacking business is a fundamental and permanent change in Labour’s DNA, not just a blip under their former leader.

Chris Leslie becomes Shadow Chancellor

This is a self-inflicted wound, as Harriet Harman chose the new line-up for the Labour front bench. Of all the people to select as Shadow Chancellor, Chris Leslie is a remarkably poor choice. Not only was he deputy to Ed Balls when the previous, failed economic policy was designed, but he is notorious for his poor broadcast performances. Most notably, he failed to explain to Andrew Neil how on earth the Mansion Tax would work. It’s a gift to George Osborne, who is likely to be planning an Emergency Budget pretty soon, that Labour’s analysis of the document will be overseen by such a clumsy opponent.

The full Shadow Cabinet line-up (image courtesy of Buzzfeed) is enclosed below. The other notable changes are Sadiq Khan choosing to stand down in order to take a tilt at the London Mayoralty, and the decision to replace him as Shadow Secretary of State for Justice with Lord Falconer.

Labour reshuffle