We started the week with the news that a member of Labour’s governing body, the NEC, was speaking in support of Lutfur Rahman, the disgraced ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets, at a rally.

It is perhaps appropriate, therefore, that we end the week with the news that Christine Shawcross has been joined in her support for the most high profile modern example of corruption in local government by Len McCluskey, head of the Unite union, the Labour party’s biggest donor:

Rahman’s original rise to prominence came from a split with the Tower Hamlets Labour Party, but it’s all too clear that he retains a number of fans within senior levels of Miliband’s movement.

It’s deeply disturbing that anyone would seek to excuse his actions, which are detailed in a comprehensive 200 page judgement by Richard Mawrey, the Election Commissioner, but for people with major influence on what could be the next government to do so is appalling. Will Miliband rebuke Shawcross or McCluskey, or distance himself from them?