At the start of the month, this site called for the Green Party to be included in the leaders’ televised election debates.

That case is growing stronger.

They still have parliamentary representation (the basis for UKIP appearing in the debates). They still have a larger number of MEPs than the Liberal Democrats (a secondary justification).

And their polling rise has continued. The Green tide may not be as high as UKIP’s (thus far, at least) but the polls certainly show them regularly breaking the five per cent mark. They are in regular contention with the Liberal Democrats for fourth place.

With their membership reportedly rising swiftly, they may well become more prominent as the election approaches.

So we ask again – if the criteria for appearing in a TV debate is that you have a presence in the Commons, that you’re in contention with at least one of the main parties and that you are a growing force, why not include the Greens?

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