If I want to hear an bracing view of politics from someone outside the Westminster Village who has a big idea about how to put the world to rights, I will ask an old friend of mine who teaches Mindfulness.  This explains why I spend no time on Russell Brand.

Indeed, I only know three things about him.  The first is that he he is left-wing.  The second is that he believes voting is a waste of time.  The third is that he has just written a book.

It follows from all this that Brand can’t really be left-wing at all, since the main effect of his efforts will be to persuade younger left-wing people not to vote.  He must therefore be a secret agent employed by Grant Shapps, and a covert believer in the long-term economic plan, a secure future, hard-working people who play by the rules, etc.

Younger voters still tend to back Labour – and vote less than older ones anyway.  The Brand gambit may drive the number lower still.  This is a genius ploy by the Conservative Co-Chairman, sorry, Chairman.

Oh, and another thing.  Brand is apparently into meditation and very rich.  His brilliant ideas must account for the wealth.  Or perhaps all very rich writers become left-wing.  Or both.  Maybe my friend should write a book.






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