• When will you accept your errors on the economy and the public finances during 1997-2010? It’s been four years and not only has Ed Balls yet to apologise, but 95 per cent of Labour candidates think the level of public spending under the last government was either correct or not high enough.
  • Can you confirm that while Ed Balls criticises the Government’s fiscal record, he has opposed tens of billions of savings, and is now pledging a ‘fiscal rule’ which would allow Labour to borrow over £28 billion more each year than George Osborne’s equivalent rule?
  • What kind of politician simply forgets about the deficit or immigration? Is a politician who does so fit to become Prime Minister?
  • Was the Blair government right to place the National Minimum Wage under the control of the Low Pay Commission? If so, why does Ed Miliband now propose to take personal political control of the National Minimum Wage?
  • When will you acknowledge your errors in the NHS, particularly in the horrors of Mid-Staffs? As Jeremy Hunt reminded us this morning, Andy Burnham – the man seeking to become Health Secretary – was in charge at the time, but still tries to avoid the topic.
  • How will the fabled ‘Mansion Tax’ work in practice? Various Labour MPs don’t appear to have considered the question, and Natalie Elphicke yesterday demonstrated in detail the many pitfalls and holes in the policy.
  • Why does Labour have no answer to offer to the English Question?  This week Tristram Hunt suggested English devolution was a threat to the Union – why is it any different to Scottish or Welsh devolution? Why should Scottish MPs vote on English-only matters?
  • Yvette Cooper’s objection to the net migration target is that it puts a disproportionate squeeze on non-EU migrants rather than distinguishing between the skilled and un-skilled.Can you confirm that as long as we are a member of the EU any immigration restriction would continue to be focused on non-EU migrants, and Britain would continue to be powerless to distinguish between EU migrants on any grounds, skills or otherwise?
  • Why does the Labour Party continue to reject the right of the British people to have an in/out referendum on the EU?
  • Do you ever get the feeling you picked the wrong Miliband?