Labour tax rises

As Tim suggested this morning, “the [Conservative] party doesn’t need to promise tax cuts to ensure the issue of tax is at the heart of the election campaign. Warnings about higher NI, a new death tax and new taxes on property if Ed Miliband was to win office will be more than enough to reboot 1992’s tax bombshell campaign.”

The image at the top of this post goes to illustrate the example – it will sting not just because it’s true, but because it goes to the heart of Labour’s popular reputation. They are the party of tax – new taxes, higher taxes, endless taxes.

Voters know it, and they fear the results if Miliband and Balls were to get into power.

There’s a secondary effect of this message, too, which is to blunt Labour rhetoric over the cost of living. It’s all very well saying bills are too high, but your credibility on the topic swiftly vanishes if you simultaneously argue for the taxman to pillage more from every household in the country.

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